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Neck LazerLift / Neck Liposuction

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Before And After LazerLift Neck TreatmentBefore And After LazerLift Neck TreatmentLazerLift Neck Procedure Before And After

Neck LazerLift / Neck Liposuction Neck LazerLift F54


48-year-old male was primarily concerned about neck laxity and lower facial laxity.  Patient desired more pronounced contour of his jawline. The procedure involved a LazerLift, a minimally invasive procedure that promotes tissue coagulation leading to skin and tissue tightening. There is improved contour, shape and symmetry bilaterally.

Age: 48

Procedures Performed: Scarless Neck Lift, Liposcution

Technique: LazerLift to the neck, Suction-assisted lipectomy  


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