Botox is an Uncommon Cosmetic Solution

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 2013 AT 5:37 PM  by Dr. Jody Levine

Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC offers cosmetic injectables, so patients can enjoy the benefits of noticeable results with minimal to no downtime.  Although cosmetic injectables, such as Botox, are primarily associated with temporary wrinkle reduction, Dr. Jody Levine can use BOTOX® Cosmetic to keep you looking young and fresh! The below procedures are just some of the techniques that Dr. Jody has perfected over the years to shape your smile, get rid of your gobble neck, and banish your bunny lines in a simple fifteen minute office visit!

Get Rid of Gobble Neck! The appearance of neck sagging is oftentimes worsened by thick bands of neck muscle. At Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC, Dr. Jody can relax protruding bands of neck muscle that contribute to your gobble neck with BOTOX® in NYC. Using Botox to relax the bands of neck muscle can make your neck sagging appear less severe with less downtime.

Shape Your Smile! Patients are often concerned about the amount of gums they expose while smiling. Dr. Jody also offers a minimally invasive solution to reduce gum exposure. BOTOX® Cosmetic in Manhattan  will relax specific sections of your lips to help reveal less gum when you smile so the next time the camera flashes, you can show the world only the gleam of pearly whites. 

Banish the Bunny Lines! Frowning and facial expressions easily cause the formation of wrinkles and facial folds. Especially as time passes and skin loses its elasticity, skin also loses its ability to contract and recover from frowns and smiles and the many of emotions we express throughout a lifetime. Dr. Jody Levine utilizes Botox in New York to relax bunny lines above the nose. Bunny lines are often caused by excessive squinting while straining to see or think, but the use of Botox® will prevent your skin from wrinkling during these activities.

Dr. Jody Levine and her staff are happy to meet with you to discuss any questions you may have about BOTOX® in New York City and the many uses and treatment areas that Botox can enhance. Please call our New York office at 212-988-1800, or request an appointment online for a personal consultation at Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC.


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