Which Dermatological Treatment Is Right for Your Child?

POSTED ON FRIDAY, MAY 08, 2015 AT 10:06 AM by Dr. Jody Levine

Mother’s Day is nearly here! In honor of this very special day, we’d like to wish all mothers and grandmothers a happy and healthy Mother’s Day, including our very own, double board certified pediatric dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine. As all mothers know, our children’s health comes first. As they grow, their skin manifests the various developmental and hormonal changes that are taking place. Dr. Levine offers a wide range of medical, surgical, and laser treatments for the entire family. Infants, adolescents, and teens are welcomed into our child-focused environment as our team provides personalized care.

Medical Treatments

Skin conditions such as eczema, impetigo, and allergic rashes can be treated medically. Topical treatments, prescription medication, and even over-the-counter remedies can help ease symptoms and fight infections. If your child suffers from conditions such as sores, rashes, bumps, or redness and itching, medical treatment may be the best course of action.

Surgical Solutions

Skin growths and markings should be evaluated by a dermatologist to determine whether or not treatment is necessary. Dr. Levine offers a wide range of pediatric surgeries to treat skin irregularities. Conditions such as benign and concerning skin growths, cysts, and lipomas can be safely removed in our in-office AAAASF accredited operating suite.

Laser Procedures

Advanced laser technology allows for innovative treatment options for conditions such as acne and hair loss, as well as vascular lesions. If your child has tried traditional approaches to conditions like acne without experiencing any major improvements, then laser treatment may be the right option.

Our NYC dermatologist, Dr. Jody Levine, NY Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Elie Levine, and staff at Pediatric Dermatology NYC welcome any questions you may have about our medical, surgical, and laser pediatric dermatological treatments. Contact our office at 212.988.1123, or request an appointment online today for your personal consultation!


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Treat Acne In Time for the Spring Season!

POSTED ON TUESDAY, APRIL 28, 2015 AT 2:06 PM by Dr. Jody Levine

May is on the horizon, and the time for proms, dances, and graduations is approaching. With so many formal events occurring and pictures being taken, it’s normal that your teenagers may be extra sensitive to their skin’s appearance. Here at Plastic Surgery and Dermatology of NYC, we offer a variety of skin care treatments to help keep acne in check. Here’s some advice on how to capture the moment with clear skin!

Develop a Proper Routine

One of the most crucial aspects of skin care is home-care. Choosing the right skin care products for your skin and developing a daily regimen can keep blemishes at bay. Our toners, cleansers, and exfoliators are hand-picked to ensure success. Remember! Keeping acne-free skin starts with a little self-care.

Renew Your Skin

Sometimes, however, additional treatments are necessary to stop acne in its tracks and refresh your skin. Try a medical-grade chemical peel or laser peel to improve your skin’s texture and appearance. These treatments not only remove dead cells on the surface of your skin, but they also can help stimulate new collagen production underneath to dissolve acne, blemishes, or uneven pigmentation. Our New York dermatologists offer a variety of peels, ranging from superficial to deeper treatments.

Zap Stubborn Acne

For some, acne is resistant to topical treatments. In this case, we recommend laser acne treatment for acne inflammation and scarring. Our NY dermatologists use both lasers and light-based systems to prevent blockages in your pores and stop lesion-forming bacteria from growing. With photodynamic therapy, LED treatments and ThermaScan available, you can treat even the most persistent of acne.

Our NYC dermatologist, Dr. Jody Levine, NY Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Elie Levine, and staff at Plastic Surgery and Dermatology of NYC welcome any questions you may have about our skin care treatments, including our chemical peels, laser peels, and laser acne treatment. Contact our office at 212.988.1800, or request an appointment online today for your personal consultation!


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Prepare For That Summer Wardrobe With BBL Photorejuvenation!

POSTED ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 03, 2015 AT 7:22 PM by Dr. Jody Levine

It’s not just the face that matters! When you wear that strapless dress this Valentine’s Day, remember that your back and chest are exposed too. Oftentimes, these areas are prone to sun damage and age spots, yet they’re easy to cover up.

But when it comes time to show off your body, these areas prevent you from wearing your favorite dress for a night out. If you’re worried about sun damage and pigmentation problems, then consider BBL photorejuvenation!

BBL uses intense pulses of broadband light energy to break up pigments attributed to sun-damage and aging spots. At the same time, heat from the pulses encourage natural collagen production in the body, which allows for improvements in skin tone and texture after treatment.

Your skin won’t just look younger, however! Studies show that BBL treatment can even make your cells appear younger on the molecular level by changing the gene expression of each cell to a more youthful-looking state!

Several sessions of BBL treatment are often needed to produce desired results. However, BBL requires no downtime afterwards and results are long-lasting!

If you want to slip into your sexiest outfit for that special someone on Valentine’s Day without fear of sun damage or age spots, then consider BBL for all areas of the body!

Our NYC dermatologist, Dr. Jody Levine, NY Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Elie Levine, and staff at Plastic Surgery and Dermatology of NYC welcome any questions you may have about our BBL photorejuvenation procedures. Contact our office at 212.988.1800, or request an appointment online today for your personal consultation!


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New Year, New Lasers: The Latest Advances in Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Removal

POSTED ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 09, 2015 AT 3:37 PM by Dr. Jody Levine

Technology is always evolving. While society focuses on the latest new gadgets, we at Plastic Surgery and Dermatology of NYC are constantly staying up to date on the latest in medical advancements. Dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine has been at the forefront of innovative medical techniques for years, and when it comes to tattoo and hair removal, state of the art medical technology is more than just a trend, it’s a constant.

Skin Rejuvenation and Tattoo Removal with the PicoSure® Laser

The PicoSure® Laser from CynoSure® is the fastest aesthetic laser in the world—providing lightning fast speeds to go along with unparalleled precision. While standard methods of skin rejuvenation use nanosecond technology, PicoSure® provides over one thousand times more pulses per second to effectively shorten procedure times and achieve more noticeable results with fewer treatment sessions. The energy from the laser penetrates the skin at the precise depth necessary to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and scars. Unlike traditional treatments, which use intense heat and cause redness, the use of patented PicoSure® technology delivers better and faster results without the downtime.

In addition, the PicoSure® can be used as a tattoo removal tool. The laser successfully breaks down the ink on your skin into smaller particles that the body can more easily absorb. As a result, the existing ink is eliminated. Advancements like these make PicoSure® the newest and most efficient laser for both skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal. The PicoSure® also boasts a SkintelTM Melanin ReaderTM, which effectively determines the patient’s skin type—allowing for more personalized care.

Hair Removal with Vectus® Laser Technology

The Vectus® Laser is one of the most effective lasers for removing hair. Unlike traditional lasers, the Vectus® uses a wider attachment and Photon RecyclingTM technology to treat larger areas of the body in less time. By using a single concentrated beam to treat the area, there is no need for overlapping—effectively lessening treatment times and minimizing skin irritation.

Our NYC dermatologist, Dr. Jody Levine, NY Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Elie Levine, and staff at Plastic Surgery and Dermatology of NYC welcome any questions you may have about the Picosure Laser for skin rejuvenation or tattoo removal and the Vectus Laser for hair removal. Contact our office at 212.988.1800, or request an appointment online today for your personal consultation!


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Tips To Prevent Skin Cancer, National Healthy Skin Month

POSTED ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 06, 2014 AT 10:42 AM by Dr. Jody Levine

Before gearing up for the hectic holiday season, step back and take some time for yourself and your skin. November is National Healthy Skin Month, a month dedicated to the awareness and prevention of skin diseases, including skin cancer. Skin cancer is a very common skin condition, affecting 1 in 5 Americans in their lifetime. Unfortunately, the rate of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, continues to rise. 75% of skin cancer deaths are caused by melanoma. On average, one American dies from melanoma every hour. Fortunately, melanoma and other skin cancers can be treated very effectively if diagnosed early enough. Our dermatologist, Dr. Jody Levine, at Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC, has some tips to prevent skin cancer.

What are the risk factors for skin cancer?

  • UV exposure from the sun or tanning beds 
  • Increased sun exposure as a child
  • A family history of melanoma, especially for lighter skinned individuals with numerous moles, freckles, or history of severe sunburn
  • Survivors of a previous melanoma occurrence
  • Individuals with a history of non-melanoma skin cancers

How can I prevent skin cancer? 

The best way to prevent skin cancer is by avoiding sunrays during their peak hours, between 10AM and 2PM. If you must be in the sun, wear a long brimmed hat, long-sleeved shirt, and sunglasses whenever possible. Additionally, apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 30 SPF that provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays, constantly reapplying for effectiveness. Oftentimes individuals may be unaware that snow, sand, and water reflect rays, leading to increased exposure. It is crucial to wear sunscreen even on cloudy or snowy days.

How can I check myself for skin cancer?

The most common signs of skin cancer are moles that have an irregular or poorly defined border, are asymmetric, vary in color, and are larger than 6mm. Moles that are gradually changing in size, shape or color are also a concern. Dermatologists recommend performing a self-exam to check for suspicious moles. (For detailed instructions on performing this exam, please click here to see the American Academy of Dermatology’s website.) For an extensive, professional exam, Dr. Levine offers a full body check along with mole mapping, an exam of your moles, documenting size, color, and any irregularities in high-resolution photographs. This exam is helpful to diagnose skin cancer in its early stages, providing an in-depth evaluation of moles. If you’re experiencing moles that may not be dangerous to your health, but are cosmetically displeasing, Dr. Levine offers various forms of mole removal.

Dr. Levine stresses the importance of not only performing self-exams, but also having your moles evaluated by a dermatologist. The key to defeating melanoma is early detection and treatment. Our NYC dermatologist, Dr. Jody Levine, NY Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Elie Levine, and staff at Plastic Surgery and Dermatology of NYC welcome any questions you may have about skin cancer prevention or treatment. Contact our office at 212.988.1800, or request an appointment online today for your personal consultation! 


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