Correcting Aging Eyes with Eyelid Surgery In New York

POSTED ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2013 AT 5:01 PM  by Dr. Elie Levine

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts we take for granted, our eyes give us vision, personality, and emotion. The old time expression says that “eyes are the window to the soul,” but sometimes an aged appearance can cause a misperception of who we are before anyone ever gets the chance to look further. One of the most common causes of misperception is aging eyes. Eyes that are hollow, sunken, puffy, or wrinkled can add 10-15 years to your appearance and in more extreme cases, cause visual impairment. Luckily, you can correct aging eyes with both a variety of unique techniques, including non-invasive options and eyelid surgery. 

Non-Invasive options include:

BOTOX & Dermal Fillers: BOTOX cosmetic and dermal fillers are a viable option for patients who may not be ready for surgery. BOTOX for the eyelids will create subtle but natural changes, virtually subtracting years of frown lines from around the eyes and lifting the brow area. Fillers can aid in lifting the brow and fill in lower eyelid hollowness.

Fat Grafting: Fat grafting to the lower eyelids will bring fullness to sunken under eyes. Hollow eyes add years to your appearance. Filling in dense under eye areas improves both facial definition and rejuvenates the eyes.    

Laser Skin Resurfacing: A simpler, non-invasive option for eyelid rejuvenation, laser skin resurfacing will improve minor flaws, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Lasers skin resurfacing will tighten the skin and promote collagen.

For some patients, non-invasive options may not be enough to treat stubborn wrinkles, folds, and droops of the lower and upper eyelids. In these cases, our plastic surgeon, may suggest eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, can be performed on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both.   

Upper Eyelid Surgery: Removes excessive skin and some fat from the upper eyelids. Puffiness that occurs on the upper eyelids may cause you to look older and in some cases may impair vision as the eyelids drop over into your view of sight. Upper blepharoplasty will add an upper eyelid crease, improve hooding in the upper eyelids, and restore the natural contours of the upper eyelids.       

Lower Eyelid Surgery: Youthful eyes show fullness and definition. When your lower eyelids begin to sag, lower blepharoplasty will reshape the eyelids, giving you back beautiful, younger-looking eyes. Lower eyelid surgery is performed by repositioning the fat under the eyes and tightening the muscles and skin. Dr. Elie Levine will offer an approach that ensures the best and most natural-looking results.

Re-discover your youthful reflection and flaunt a look that echoes the age you truly feel inside. Our NY plastic surgeon  and NY dermatologist and staff welcome any questions you may have about our eyelid surgery in New York. Contact our office at 212.988.1800, or request an appointment online today for your personal consultation! 



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