The Gift of Youth with Skin Tightening New York!

POSTED ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2012 AT 5:52 PM  by Dr. Jody Levine

Treat yourself to a younger look this holiday season! Rejuvenate your appearance with skin tightening in New York! One of the best-kept secrets to looking young without the invasive surgery, skin tightening uses revolutionary laser technology to firm skin safely, comfortably, and without prolonged downtime. Skin tightening is perfect for those looking to firm skin who don’t necessarily require fat removal. At the office of Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC, PLLC, our Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Jody A. Levine performs laser skin tightening in New York. Dr. Levine is one of the most experienced laser experts in New York. In addition to serving as a luminary for Sciton Lasers, she has lectured other physicians around the country on laser skin tightening and remains at the forefront of helping patients re-discover their youth through less invasive laser treatments.

When opting for skin tightening in New York, patients may choose between the SkinTyte™ laser and the SmartLipo™ laser system. These laser skin tightening treatments use advanced laser technology to help stimulate the growth of lost collagen, essential for facial support and firmness. Understanding the similarities and differences between each will better assist you when it comes to choosing the correct treatment option for you.

Using laser light energy, both the SkinTyte ™ and SmartLipo™ laser systems work to stimulate collagen and promote the body’s natural healing process. While both safely and effectively monitor the temperature of the lasers, they hold differences in the way their lasers are used during treatment. 

SkinTyte laser skin tightening  cools and maintains temperature on the outer surface of the skin. Using pulsed light technology, the SkinTyte™ laser both heats the skin and cools the treated surface. Since the SkinTyte works above the dermis, it can be performed quickly and comfortably without the use of anesthesia.  In addition, SkinTyte laser skin tightening can help treat fine lines, enlarged pores, stretch marks, and mild to moderate acne scarring. SkinTyte requires 3 to 4 treatments spaced out between 1 to 4 weeks.

In comparison, SmartLipo™ laser skin tightening  works beneath the skin’s layers to remove small amounts of excess fat in targeted areas while promoting the growth of collagen. SmartLipo is ideal for improving the contours of the face, neck, and body. Performed under local anesthesia, patients can return to their activities only a few days after their treatment.   In addition, SmartLipo™ can be used along with traditional or laser liposuction. Unlike the SkinTyte laser, SmartLipo requires one treatment to achieve long-lasting results. 


Achieve the gift of youth, without the long recovery or invasive procedures! Learn more about skin tightening in New York and if it is right for you. Dr. Jody Levine and her staff will be happy to meet with you to discuss any questions you may have about skin tightening in New York. Please call our New York office at 212-988-1800, or request an appointment online for a personal consultation.


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