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Medical Aesthetic Services

Skin Treatments and Facials in New York

PSD Signature Rejuvenation Treatment

Our signature facial is a customized, results-driven treatment that pampers and delights!  This 90-minute treatment features a soothing blend of advanced techniques to cleanse, nourish, and indulge, while leaving your skin looking and feeling brand new.  We start with an in-depth analysis to determine which techniques suit your specific needs, from exfoliation to rejuvenation. All treatments include a pharmaceutical-grade exfoliation, microdermabrasion, or non-irritating chirally correct peel; hot and cold therapy; extractions; Medi-spa organic vitamin infusions with ultrasound; face and shoulder massage; facial lymphatic drainage; and a customized hydrating mask. For the ultimate in bliss, this treatment can also include any of our gender-specific eye-zone treatments, upper-body stress-zones massage, and reflexology with aromatherapy for your hands and feet.

PSD Anti-Acne Clarifying Treatment

Our perfect pore-cleansing facial can leave your skin clean, clear, and healthy looking.  Experience an advanced acne treatment that achieves deep cleansing, while soothing and healing acne lesions.  Customized specifically for your skin’s needs, this treatment both clarifies the skin and prevents pore size expansion.  In addition, our expert medical aesthetician will analyze your skin and develop a personalized skin-care regimen that you can continue at home to ensure ongoing, outstanding results.  We strongly recommend that patients with active acne add an LED therapy session to this treatment, which can help reduce acne-causing bacteria and promote skin healing.

PSD Cleansing and Hydration Treatment

This fast and effective treatment is perfect for our busy clients, offering powerful cleansing and revitalizing hydration, all during your lunch hour.  An ideal monthly cleansing treatment that refreshes and rejuvenates, our abbreviated PSD facial includes pharmaceutical-grade exfoliation, precise extractions, facial massage, vitamin infusion, and a customized hydrating mask. 

PSD Sensitive Skin Treatment

This refreshing facial is designed to baby your sensitive skin, working to improve redness and blotchiness, while leaving skin looking beautifully clear and smooth.  Featuring highly concentrated repairing serum to strengthen capillary walls and heal irritation, our sensitive skin facial calms and soothes for outstanding rejuvenation.  Advanced techniques help to balance the tone and texture of your skin as well as to hydrate and restore natural radiance.  Our sensitive skin treatment includes yellow light LED therapy for its anti-inflammatory action.

PSD Pigment Reversal Treatment

Designed to leave skin fresh, clear, and glowing, our reversal treatment is ideal for reducing sunspots and other unwanted pigmentation.  Dr. Levine and our medical aesthetician will customize a program of Medi-Spa LED treatments combined with peels, microdermabrasion, and other aesthetic therapies to reduce and remove pigmentation.

PSD Executive Men's Treatment

Created specifically for men’s skin, this treatment can invigorate and refresh, with special attention to sensitive areas that are often irritated from shaving.   Our deep-pore cleansing, together with extractions and pharmaceutical-grade exfoliation, can reduce blackheads and minimize pore size for a clean and clear look.  We complete this treatment with our signature head, neck, and shoulder massage.

PSD For Teens Only Treatment

Treat your teen to a facial that will leave skin looking clean, clear, and healthy.  Our PSD For Teens Only treatment not only cleanses, nourishes, and calms sensitive teen skin, but also helps to educate our teens on how to maintain an effective skin-care regimen for many years to come. We will assess your child’s skin and tailor a facial treatment for his or her needs.  Chest and back treatments are offered as well and are very effective in the teenage years. In addition, our medical aesthetician will review home care and encourage good nutritional habits to maximize results. Your teen will walk out of our office with renewed confidence and a great new glow.

PSD Pre-Teen Dream

Great skin care is not only for adults and teens.  Our PSD Pre-Teen Dream facial helps to keep your child’s skin clear and healthy.  Our team will consult with you and your pre-teen to plan a customized treatment to address his or her specific skin-care concerns.  This facial will pamper your child, gently cleansing and enhancing the skin using organic vitamin products to remove the build-up of dirt, oil, and bacteria that may contribute to the formation of acne lesions.  We will also educate your pre-teen on how to properly care for his or her skin in order to maximize outstanding and ongoing results.

PSD Back or Chest Treatment

Don’t neglect your body!  Our purifying deep-pore cleansing and skin-resurfacing treatment is perfect for problematic bumps and lesions on the back or chest.  Designed to leave your skin smooth and healthy-looking, this revitalizing treatment includes deep, anti-bacterial, high-frequency cleansing, a body-appropriate Chiral peel, extractions, and a calming treatment.  LED is strongly encouraged to hasten healing and maximize efficacy. 

PSD Foot Rejuvenation Therapy

Indulge your hard-working feet with this revitalizing treatment.  Our medical aesthetician has the expert touch, pampering your feet with a combination of silk peel microdermabrasion, stress-reducing reflexology, and deep moisturizing.

PSD LED (Light-Emitting Diode) Therapy

LED therapy using red, blue, yellow, and infrared light, a painless and non-invasive treatment, has many aesthetic benefits.  Depending on the color of light used, LED treatment has anti-aging effects, acne fighting properties, and is known to significantly reduce healing time and decrease inflammation of the skin. When used in conjunction with medical treatments, or following surgery, fillers, or laser therapy, LED improves and enhances the overall quality of results. Light emitted from LEDs promotes blood circulation and stimulates and energizes cellular activity, leading to an increase in collagen and elastin production, which results in anti-aging as well as anti-inflammatory benefits.  Red light is excellent for anti-aging effects.  Blue light therapy is used to kill the bacteria that causes acne or rosacea, and provides outstanding results when added to any facial.  Yellow light therapy is ideal following dermal filler treatment because it reduces inflammation and hastens healing.

PSD Silk Peel Microdermabrasion with Customized Infusions (Crystal Free)

Our Silk Peel treatment can offer outstanding rejuvenation, gently exfoliating while hydrating the skin.  This advanced treatment features medical-grade, non-crystallized microdermabrasion with simultaneous customized infusions to nourish, moisturize, and revitalize dull skin. Microdermabrasion can help improve the appearance of enlarged pores, thickened skin, stretch marks, and aging-related lines and wrinkles. It also reduces damage from sun exposure, acne scarring, and hyper-pigmentation.  Regular treatments will ensure a younger, healthier-looking glow. Not recommended for active acneic skin.

PSD Edge System Microdermabrasion (with Diamond Crystals)

Give your skin the edge with outstanding rejuvenation from our advanced Edge System.  Microdermabrasion has powerful anti-aging benefits, helping to reduce fine lines and age spots, while leaving the skin looking youthful and fabulous.  It can also improve rosacea symptoms, diminish acne breakouts, and reduce ingrown hairs. The PSD Edge treatment leaves skin silky smooth and radiant.

PSD Photodynamic Therapy (Levulan) for Acne or Aging/Sun Damaged Skin

Our Photodynamic Therapy treatment can revitalize even the most problematic skin, bringing about significant improvement in both medical and cosmetic concerns, such as pre-cancerous lesions, aging and sun-damaged skin, and moderate to severe acne.  Aminolevulinic Acid Photodynamic skin rejuvenation combines a photosensitizing solution with a specialized light source to destroy pre-malignant cells and certain early, superficial skin cancers, as well as to improve the skin’s overall appearance, tone, color, and texture.   This treatment may be combined with microdermabrasion to enhance efficacy.

PSD Lymphatic Drainage

A relaxing treatment that stimulates the lymphatic system, our PSD Lymphatic Drainage can help enhance circulation, support healing and improved immunity function, and leave your skin looking healthy and radiant.   Lymphatic drainage is ideal for promoting healing after plastic surgery.

PSD Electrolysis Treatment

There’s no need to put up with unwelcome hair that makes you self-conscious or prevents you from wearing the clothes you love.  Our PSD Electrolysis Treatment can safely and effectively reduce bothersome hair from your trouble spots.  Electrolysis is ideal for both men and women in a wide range of treatment areas on the face and body, including the upper lip, chin, underarm, and bikini line.  It is especially great for light hairs and other hairs that are resistant to laser treatment. Topical numbing cream may be used to ensure patient comfort, if desired.*

PSD Waxing Treatment

Why fuss with the hassle and irritation of shaving?  Our PSD Waxing Treatment can leave you looking silky smooth and beautiful.   Waxing is performed by our trained aesthetician in a comfortable, safe, and sterile environment.  We offer a variety of body and facial waxing services for both men and women, using a wax formula that can be customized for large-area hair removal from the legs, arms, chest, and back, or hair removal from sensitive areas, such as the face or bikini line.  Our aesthetician will also educate you about proper skin care both before and after waxing treatments. 

PSD Eyebrow Tint Treatment

Our professional aesthetician uses only the highest quality products, for natural and beautiful eyebrow tinting.  She will work with you to customize an eyebrow tint color to enhance pale or lackluster eyebrows, complement your hair color, and accentuate your eyes.

PSD Eyelash Tint

Now you can have gorgeous, dramatic eyelashes that make your eyes look bright and beautiful, without the mascara!  We’ll help you choose an eyelash tint to complement and enhance your natural beauty.  Our PSD eyelash tints are professionally applied in a safe, sterile, and comfortable atmosphere.

PSD Eyelash Extensions

PSD Eyelash Extensions can give you long, lush, and magnificent looking lashes.  We use only the highest quality lash extensions, meticulously applied one lash at a time for stunning, natural-looking results.  Eyelash extensions are long-lasting and safe while showering, exercising, and even swimming. 

PSD LATISSE® Tint Treatment

Enhance the natural beauty of your eyes with LATISSE®, an FDA-approved treatment that helps your own natural eyelashes to grow longer, thicker, and darker.  Our aesthetician will meet with you to determine if you’re a good candidate for LATISSE® eyelash treatment. We’ll answer any questions you have, and we’ll train you to follow a simple and safe home-care daily regimen that will help you grow long, dark, and lush eyelashes.

PSD Facial Surgery Optimization Package

This series of advanced facial treatments can help prepare, protect, and treat your skin both before and after surgery.  These specialized treatments can optimize your skin prior to surgery and throughout the healing process, working to help prevent irritation, alleviate bruising and inflammation, and promote faster healing.  Comprehensive VISIA Skin Care analysis helps us to tailor treatments to your specific needs.  Customized treatments may incorporate a combination of exfoliation, microdermabrasion, and LED therapy.  Lymphatic drainage massage is also included to complement your surgical contouring, speed healing, and enhance results.  One Preparatory Medical Facial Treatment and two Post-Surgical Treatments are included to ensure optimal surgical results, as well as beautiful and healthy skin. 

PSD Body Surgery Optimization Package

Our Body Surgery Optimization Package can help prepare, protect, and treat your skin both before and after body contouring surgery.  We start with comprehensive VISIA Skin Care analysis so that we can tailor a treatment plan for your specific needs.  Pre-surgery treatments will optimize your skin before your procedure, helping to prevent irritation and enhance your surgical results.  Post-surgery treatments can help alleviate bruising and inflammation, while promoting faster healing.  One Preparatory Medical Body Treatment and two Post-Surgical Treatments are included and may incorporate a combination of exfoliation, microdermabrasion, and LED therapy.  Lymphatic drainage massage is also included to complement your surgical contouring, enhance circulation, support healing and improved immunity function, and leave the skin looking radiant and healthy.