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Buttock Augmentation

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Gluteal Fat Grafting ResultsBefore And After Gluteal Fat Grafting

Buttock Augmentation/Buttock Lift Buttock Augmentation/Buttock Lift 39


LIPOSUCTION BACK, FLANKS, AND GLUTEAL FAT TRANSFER: This 59-year old patient who is 5'5", weighing 190 pounds was concerned with excess fat of her back and flanks. She underwent a combination of traditional suction assisted liposuction and (RFAL) radio frequency-assisted liposuction, removing 1200 cc’s from each side of her flanks and a gluteal fat transfer to her buttocks.

Age: 59

Reason for Liposuction: Excess fat of the back & flanks

Technique: (SAL) Suction Assisted Lipectomy, (RFAL) Radio Frequency-Assisted Liposuction, gluteal fat transfer

Volume: Total 2400 cc’s


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