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Liposuction Liposuction and Gluteal Fat Transfer B115


LIPOSUCTION BACK, FLANKS, AND GLUTEAL FAT TRANSFER: This 50-year old patient who is 5'1" weighing 180 pounds was concerned with excess fat of her abdomen, her back and the flanks. In addition, she was concerned with the laxity on her buttocks.  She underwent a combination of traditional suction assisted liposuction and (RFAL) radio frequency-assisted liposuction, removing 1300 cc’s from each side of her back & flanks and a gluteal fat transfer to the buttocks of 500 cc’s to each side of the buttocks.

Age: 50

Reason For Procedure:  flank fatty excess and buttocks muscle laxity

Technique: (SAL) Suction Assisted Lipectomy (RFAL) liposuction to the back and flanks, removal of 2600cc, gluteal fat transfer to buttocks

Reason for Liposuction: Excess fat of the abdomen, back & flanks

Volume: Total 2900 cc’s


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