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Dr. Levine is that rare combination of superb listener, supportive confidant, as well as virtuoso surgeon.

I have spent hours on this, not in trying to think of things to say but in trying to pare this down to keep it as short as possible, otherwise people surfing the internet will never take time to read it. My original testimonial was over two pages long with a history of all you've done for me, but then I realized that people surfing Google won't care about me, they'll only care about how it applies to their situation, so I tried to make it shorter, less specific and more appealing to a wider audience. Please read this and let me know if there is ANYTHING you would like me to add or delete. Seriously! Don't be shy. It is very easy to add something or take something out now but once it is posted I can't alter it.

I have been a patient of Dr. Elie Levine’s for eight years and I keep returning for one simple reason: every time I have a treatment with him I leave his office looking better than when I walked in. He has consistently been voted one of the “Top Doctors of the New York Metro Area,” a commendation which is voted upon by a jury of his peers - and in a city as competitive as New York (which has almost as many plastic surgeons as it has Starbucks locations) for a group of doctors to praise the merits of one of their own must mean that his work is uniquely and truly outstanding. Dr. Levine is that rare combination of superb listener, supportive confidant, as well as virtuoso surgeon - but don’t be misled: just because he quietly listens during your consultation don’t be lulled into thinking that he isn’t a Ninja in the operating room. He is as superlative at traditional “cut and stitch” plastic surgery as he is in the use of lasers (of which his office has a wide assortment), and if he believes it would be more effective, he can recommend a combination of many methods of treatment. What matters most to Dr. Levine is that his patients reach their goals and he will move heaven and earth to make that happen, even if that means recommending a procedure which would require more time and effort on his part than a more traditional approach. Before I came to Dr. Levine, when people spoke to me they used to look at the scars on my face instead of into my eyes. Now they look into my eyes. To me, that is priceless and it is directly due to the exceptional skill and tremendous dedication of Dr. Elie Levine.

He is consistently voted by his peers as being one of the “Best Plastic Surgeons in New York"

"Manhattan has more plastic surgeons than it has subway stops, bank branches, or Starbucks locations. With so many surgeons to choose from, how do you decide which doctor is best for you? No doubt you want a surgeon who will listen to your concerns, who will work with you until you are satisfied, who is more concerned with your happiness than he is with his bottom line, and who will schedule follow up visits until you are thrilled with the results. In Manhattan, where time is money, how can you find a doctor who consistently puts his patients’ well being above his own? Enter Dr. Elie Levine of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology of NYC. If you are smart and schedule an appointment with him you might be lulled into thinking that anyone so self-effacing and gracious couldn’t possibly be a ninja in the operating room, but you would be wrong. Dr. Levine combines the cordial manner of a country doctor with the fierce intelligence and experience of a top notch surgeon. He is consistently voted by his peers as being one of the “Best Plastic Surgeons in New York” (and New York doctors are not known for being shy when it comes to withholding their opinion about members of their profession whom they believe aren’t up to grade).

He has the advantage of many years of experience as a traditional “cut and stitch” plastic surgeon as well as an extensive array of in-office lasers. He will chose whichever method he believes will provide the best result, even if that method requires more effort on his part and costs the patient less. Let me repeat that: he will choose a method of healing that makes him work harder and costs the patient less if he thinks that method will provide a better result. In my case I went to him for terrible acne scars that had plagued me my entire adult life. No matter how many doctors I had consulted or which methods were tried, each doctor made the problem progressively worse instead of better. Dr. Levine recommended a procedure that is extremely labor intensive for the surgeon but which was covered by my insurance plan, so it cost me nothing. When my insurance expired he continued to perform the procedure once a month, every month until I was satisfied. Do you know of any other surgeon in New York City who would do such a thing? Although his efforts had produced improvements far beyond what any other doctor had been able to accomplish, I asked him if there was anything else that could be done about my remaining scars. He recommended a mini face lift to separate the layers of my skin (which finally eliminated the deepest of the scars) as well as a brow lift to improve the symmetrical appearance of my eyes. He is kind, meticulous, diligent, super-skilled, caring (just ask him about his kids), funny, a virtuoso with a scalpel, a maestro with a laser, and the best damn plastic surgeon in New York. If you seek someone who will join forces with you to help bring you the best result possible, you should seriously consider visiting Dr. Elie Levine of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology of NYC."

He provides quality care and follow-up

"I have spent in my 7 years in New York City. I was referred to Dr. Levine by a friend who said that he was a "conservative" plastic surgeon with a top academic background. I think we're all scared of not looking naturally fresh. Dr. Levine understood my desire for a surgical jawline tightening and removal from fat underneath my eyes (the little fat made me look tired / baggy). Two things: The results were everything I hoped for and still FOUR years later I am incredibly pleased and seeing long term results and perfectly taut jawline (I have a great jawline but skin was getting it continues to be a best feature). Everything he told me to expect about the procedures and recovery turned out to be correct and the outcome was as he said. Dr. Levine does not "sell" you, he educates you while speaking to you as an equal. That's the second thing....he "talks" shop with you about everything currently being discovered about old and new products and procedures. I love to be informed. Any future surgeries (although I don't need any now or near term) I will go to him. He provides quality care and follow-up. A great example of a GOOD type of ego."


He has an office that is run by incredible staff

"I went to Plastic Surgery & Dermatology for keloid removal after I had plastic surgery to my arms for excess skin. When I met Dr. Elie Levine, I was thoroughly impressed with his understanding of me, being a gastric bypass patient, and the challenges that lay ahead in terms of getting different parts of my body in shape after losing so much weight. His expertise and care is exemplary.  He makes you feel like you’re talking to a family member.  His warm nature is so refreshing especially in the plastic surgery world when people can be so cold.  For these reasons, I decided that to use Dr. Levine for all the additional work that I was interested in having done.  Dr. Levine preformed a tummy tuck this past summer and the work was just amazing.  The work is just so incredible that I cannot see myself ever using another surgeon. Besides plastic surgery, Dr. Levine performed a laser treatment that he and his wife, who is a Dermatologist, created in their office.  They call this treatment the Manhattan Peel.  It was virtually pain free and the results are amazing.  So far, I have notice significant changes in the texture and complexion of my skin.  This is something that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get a face lift but does not want to have a larger procedure."

"In addition to Dr. Levine’s expertise, he has an office that is run by incredible staff that makes your visits and the pre-surgical process a smooth experience.  Besides the great care and attention, I also recommend use of their products which are great and use natural ingredients such as green tea. It is truly a blessing for me to have found Dr. Levine and his staff.  His office is truly a one of a kind experience."


As a surgeon, he is a perfectionist

"If you want THE BEST surgeon for your plastic or reconstructive surgery, you should choose Dr. Elie Levine. When searching for the right surgeon for my aesthetic care, nothing was compromised.  I took the time and did the research needed to find the very best.  I visited many of the “Top Doctors” from Los Angeles and San Francisco to New York.  For this reason, I traveled from CA to NY because no one was better suited to perform my surgery than Dr. Levine.  I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I chose Dr. Levine because even with all my research, he gave great advice and answered all my questions.  His advice came from a very thoughtful and highly informed place. To be honest, I am very critical; however, Dr. Levine’s keen eye was beyond what I could imagine.  My surgery was a major procedure pairing both a routine abdominoplasty and gluteal repair, along with a very difficult request for liposuction. To date, it’s only six weeks out, and I can’t believe the results! As a surgeon, he is a perfectionist.  As a doctor, he is caring, warm, and extremely knowledgeable.  Going to his office is a lovely experience and is supported by a terrific and helpful staff."

"After surgery and my return home to California, Dr. Levine has continued to check up on me several times.  If ever I have a concern, he always returns all of my emails and phone calls promptly. While I was researching doctors, reading their reviews was crucial in making my decision.  This is why I want to write this review.  I hope ALL my searching can help someone else who is also looking for the best surgeon to find Dr. Elie Levine."


Superior Talent and Care

"After a long and detailed search for a talented and trustworthy plastic surgeon, I was fortunate to discover Dr. Elie Levine. I had been contemplating a face and eye lift for several years and had numerous consultations with various top tier surgeons. Upon meeting with Dr. Levine, I knew I had found the right one. His superior surgical skill is further enhanced by his real ability to listen and understand what aesthetics I wanted to achieve. It was easy to immediately place my trust in him; when he suggested an endoscopic browlift to further improve the results I was seeking, I readily agreed. I am extremely pleased with the results. My scars are so minimal they are virtually unnoticeable and my healing process was very quick and in essence, pain-free. I also consulted with Dr. Jody Levine, his partner in the practice, for laser removal of spider veins on my legs as well as an injectable filler for the top of both my hands. The results were also wonderful. She is an extremely talented physician as well. She understands her patient’s aesthetic desires and her knowledge of products and the truly proper way to administer them is unparalleled. Their office is a haven, and their staff is on par with them – outstanding and exceptional."


Outstanding Plastic Surgeon!!!

"Foremost, Dr. Elie Levine is a wonderful, kind person and an even better plastic surgeon. He is an artist who truly enjoys his work and cares about the outcome. I was completely comfortable with him from the first time I met him. At my appointments, I never felt rushed. He was willing to stay with me until all of my questions and concerns were addressed. I had a breast lift with augmentation performed by Dr. Levine. He used minimal incisions, which was a major plus as far as I am concerned. The surgery was quick, with minimal pain, and little "down time". The results of my breast lift and augmentation were excellent. My breasts look phenomenal! They are well-shaped and most importantly look very natural and proportionate to my frame."

"Because my confidence & satisfaction with Dr. Levine, I am having him perform my rhinoplasty surgery! I have no doubt that I will be pleased with his work again. Dr. Levine’s outstanding care, expertise and professionalism from beginning to end make it a pleasure to recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery!"


"Thank You For a New Body and Outlook on Life!

"Dr. Elie Levine is a true professional. I admire his focus and passionate commitment to his work. Initially, I thought plastic surgery would have been a walk through the park. Honestly, I had not recognized the importance of pre-operative clearance and post-operative treatment. Dr. Levine identified and resolved my issues and concerns. He researched my medical history and offered sound advice. His directions were clear and exacting by all standards."

"I am pleased with my results. For some time, my body looked as if it were melting. Loose skin, excessive pockets of fat, and a double stomach were just some of my challenges. He transformed this body. His gentle hands combined with his wealth of knowledge assisted in creating a wonderful piece of art - not to mention a raving fan." Thank You, - K.J. Battersbee


Experience a Top Notch Medical Practice

"Dr. Jody Levine has helped my children and myself in a professional, calm and kind manner . She is an excellent source for any and all dermatological procedures both cosmetic and clinical. The location is convenient and the office staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The skincare products that Jody sells for a simple skincare regimen has proven to work wonders."


Great Dermatologist

"Great results for both teenage and adult acne and skin care. Warm welcoming office, state of the art equipment and skin care products make for a thoroughly professional and satisfying experience."


Great Dermatologist

"She's great. I went to Dr. Levine to treat painful eczema/psoriasis. She is the third dermatologist I've tried and the only one who really relieved my symptoms. I have since referred her to others and all of my friends are happy. Two of my friends got Botox injections from her and they look great. I'm gearing up to try that soon!"

Pros: She's great, talented and beautiful office. Nice staff also. Evening appointments available.


Best Laser Hair Removal Around!

"Dermatology/plastic surgery team under one roof, both providing comprehensive, continuous and supportive care-office staff is warm and attentive-office hours are great and allow you to go before or after work-location is perfect-seconds from 6 train and all buses-office is warm and inviting-offers all latest laser procedures-as well as a wide variety of aesthetic surgical options. This office is a must for anyone who cares about their skin!!!"


The consummate physician, surgeon, and health provider

"Dr. Elie Levine provides patients a total wellness package. His academic knowledge, learned skills, and warm empathetic nature provides patients the confidence to proceed with their wellness regardless of emotional, financial, or basic health circumstances. Most of my life was plagued with morbid obesity. Dr. Levine's visionary surgical and post-operative care have given me a vision of what true wellness can do for an individual mentally and physically."


Being introduced to Dr. Levine turned out to be one of the best experiences in my life!

"At the age of forty-two, plastic surgery never crossed my mind. I justified my mid section expansion as “Hey I'm not that bad, a little overweight... but not bad for my age!" At my consultation reality stepped in and I literally cried at how I let my body go over the years. From that day forward Dr. Levine and his staff delicately walked me through the process, making me feel assured and comfortable every step of the way. Needless to say two years later I'm so happy with my decision and ecstatic with my results! Dr. Levine’s expertise, professionalism, and sculpturesque skills gave this forty plus woman her confidence back and a whole new outlook on life! Ever so grateful, GVB."


An Overall Great Experience!

"Plastic Surgery & Dermatology truly welcomes you with open arms immediately upon your first visit.  The staff is beyond exceptional in their ability to ensure that your visits run smoothly, from the friendly reminder of your appointment to the post-office visit courtesy call.  They are very professional within the office and always make sure your visit is a pleasant one.  Most importantly, the staff generates such a warm and inviting atmosphere with great attention to your questions and concerns, putting you easily into your comfort zone."

"My experience has been with Dr. Elie Levine, who removed a large birthmark from my arm.  It required a few visits to remove it, and I am still seeing him for laser removal as well.  Upon meeting Dr. Levine, I felt comfortable right away because he explained everything that he planned to do for me.  I felt very confident and positive about the whole experience, and I still do.  In addition to his talented ability as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Levine is a wonderful and caring person that will offer his help in any way he can.  From my experience, I can tell you that Dr. Levine provides outstanding care to his patients and is certainly an expert in his field.  I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a plastic surgeon for any procedure.  The overall experience at his office will definitely exceed all your expectations!"


Dr. Elie Levine is a true rarity in the medical field!

"Choosing the right plastic surgeon is a huge responsibility, one that can change your life for better or for worse. In a city the size of New York with so many doctors from which to choose, how do you find the one best suited to your needs? Most likely you are looking for an outstanding physician who is at the top of his field yet who is also an excellent listener -- not an easy combination to find since many of the most skilled physicians are acutely aware of their own reputations and treat their patients' concerns with condescension rather than respect. Dr. Elie Levine is a true rarity in the medical field: a physician who combines the warmth and attention of a country doctor with the training and expertise of a top notch surgeon. His breadth of knowledge is extensive and comprehensive. He is not bound by any single methodology so he is free to join forces with you to find whatever procedure will work best for your particular problem, even if that means recommending a course of action which would cost you less money but which would be more effective. I went to Dr. Levine for acne scars that have plagued me since I was a teenager. I had been to countless doctors, most of whom had caused more harm than good, and had tried everything from dermabrasion to chemical peel to lasers (of all kinds) with mostly negative (and harmful) results."

"Dr. Levine recommended a procedure that had been around for years but was rarely used anymore because it was so labor intensive for the doctor and was far less expensive (and less profitable to the doctor) than modern laser treatment. In my many years of searching this was the first time any doctor had told me about this procedure. Since his goal is to find the most effective way to address your needs (rather than sell you a particular product or procedure), you will find that working with Dr. Levine is more like working with a partner than a physician. If your problem would best be solved by laser treatment, he has every type of laser you could need in his office. If your problem would best be solved by traditional “cut and stitch” plastic surgery he also has a fully accredited surgical suite in his office. Whatever your aesthetic needs may be, he will work with you to reach your goals. And just to be clear, even though Dr. Levine is the most kind, caring and humble doctor you could wish for, even though he will take all the time in the world to listen to your concerns and answer your questions, when it comes to the quality of his work he is a relentless perfectionist with results that will simply astound you. If you are looking for the best surgeon who will give you the best possible outcome, the guy to go to is Dr. Elie Levine."


Our experience with you was fantastic!

"Dear Dr. Levine,
Jennie and I would like to thank you for taking excellent care of her on Thursday, when I brought her in to remove an earring backing wedged deep in her pierced earlobe."

"Our experience with you was fantastic!
You took your time reassuring Jennie and gave her the time she needed to feel comfortable with what you needed to do. That you took care to topically numb the area before giving her a shot(s) to further anesthetize the area made all the difference, easing her anxiety over the procedure."

"Your considerable kindness and obvious expertise won over a scared 10-yer-old and squeamish mother, and left us days later, feeling quite grateful and I am happy to report, completely healed."

"Thank you for your care. You turned a rather unpleasant occurrence into an experience that left us feeling “warm and fuzzy” overall. That’s magic in my book!"